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Prairie Sentinels

The vanishing Canadian
grain elevator

What these so called grain elevators give me is a feeling of impressiveness. I describe it – a bit pompous - the sublimity of man in this big machine we call society.

What attracts me is the feeling of awe when experiencing the contrast between the vulnerable man while strenuously having constructed this complex and sometimes daunting environment, full of gigantic, monstrous mechanisms.

There is also a certain time factor, without which I think many of my subjects wouldn’t make the same impact. Old buildings in general - that have survived human generations - become beacons over times and people gone by. They make us remember and reflect our own mortality and the surprising changeability of what we think are stable constructs.

Whereas people are undeniably central in the story – their imprints are absolutely everywhere in my pictures - but they are not the main subject photographically.

See my full feed of grain elevator photographs on my Instagram.

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